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Renaissance Opportunities Portfolio

Renaissance Opportunities Portfolio is a Growth Oriented Large Cap Portfolio. The portfolio invests in Good Quality Large cap companies that can deliver strong growth over the medium to long term. It’s a focused portfolio of 20-25 companies that is built on a bottom-up approach on best opportunity basis. Our portfolio companies are the market leaders in their respective industry and are managed by competent management team with high standards of corporate governance.

The objective is to achieve superior risk adjusted return over medium to long term. Key portfolio attributes are:

  • Focused Portfolio of 20-25 companies
  • High Quality Growth Oriented Companies
  • Moderate to Low-Risk Equity Portfolio

Benchmark: Nifty 200


Renaissance Midcap Portfolio - RMP

Renaissance Midcap Portfolio isa focusedportfolio of midcap and small cap companies that are on path of strong growth and will lead to orbital change. The portfolio invests in select High Quality midcap businesses which have the potential to become a Large Cap in future. The objective is to buy successful businesses at an early stage in their lifecycle and thereby benefit from compounding effects in growth over a long period. Key portfolio attributes are:

  • Companies that can deliver High Growth on aSustainable basis for long period
  • Focused on companies with Business Leadership
  • High Quality companies with Low-Risk Business Model

Benchmark: Nifty Midcap 100


Renaissance Alpha Portfolio

Renaissance Alpha Portfolio is a Multicap portfolio which focuses on superior absolute returns over the investment horizon of 3-5 years. It’s a low risk, high quality growth portfolio which delivers superior risk adjusted returns over the medium to long term. The portfolio has stringent filters for stock selection. As a result, the portfolio strikes a right balance between risk, growth, quality and valuation thus ensuring healthy alpha generation. Key portfolio attributes are:

  • High Management Quality and Business Leadership
  • Companies with Low Leverage and High ROEs.
  • Superior PAT growth and FCF generation.

Benchmark: Nifty 200


Renaissance India Next Portfolio

Renaissance India Next portfolio is a Dynamic Thematic Portfolio. The portfolio adopts a theme that is driven by macro-economic factors and constructs a focused portfolio on a bottom-up basis with the underlying theme. Thus, the portfolio achieves the right blend of top down approach towards theme selection and bottoms up approach towards stock selection.

At the same time, the portfolio manager changes the underlying theme of the portfolio every 3 years based on the changes in the macro-economic fundamentals thus making sure that any point of time the theme of the fund is aligned with prevailing macro-economic fundamentals and drivers.

Our current theme is ‘Growth & Income’ which is blend of Investing into High Growth Business in India (Growth Portfolio) at the same time given high inflationary macro back drop have an Inflation Hedge (Income generating) Equity Portfolio of companies with strong pricing power. Key portfolio attributes are:

  • Focused Multi Cap Portfolio
  • Growth will lead to Capital Appreciation & Income will act as Inflation Hedge
  • Portfolio changes its theme with changes in Economic Cycle.
  • Dynamic Theme will ensure the Theme is Current & Relevant

Benchmark: Nifty 50